My wife is a nurse, as well as a student at UT getting a Master's degree as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and a PhD in Nursing. So between her, her friends, her coworkers, and her cohort, I hear a lot about the issues in that field. So I have been searching for data that will help me tell a story about the importance of nursing and/or nursing education. As the baby boomer generation grows older and will need more people to take care of them, will there be enough nurses to take care of them? Are nurses getting the right education, and is there enough incentive for future students to want to consider going in to nursing? How do we deal with the issue of nurses being handed too many patients to handle on their shifts due to hospitals putting more emphasis on profit than on patient care? I have been and will continue to search for datasets that might help me zero in on one of these relevant topics, and hope to be able to tell a story that might eventually help promote progress in the field of nursing. So far (for our interactive charting project) I have found a dataset that tells the amount of nursing graduates per year for every 100,000 inhabitants of a country from countries all over the world. I might be able to leverage this to show how few nurses are coming into the profession compared to the ever-growing population worldwide, or might try to narrow it down to just focus on the United States. With infographics, charts, interviews, etc. I hope to have an interactive data journalism project at the end of the semester that will make my wife proud and show her how important I think her chosen profession is.

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